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Remodeling your Long Island Bathroom. What to expect

Long Island Bathroom - What to Expect

Remodeling your Long Island Bathroom? Wondering what the experience will be like? I can’t speak for other contractors but I can tell you what to expect when you remodel your bathroom with Topnotch Construction.

Long Island Bathroom Remodel - ProtectionNo two bathrooms are the same and some bathroom remodeling projects are more involved than others. This article describes a basic bathroom remodel with tile on the floor and tile in the shower / tub area. Many bathrooms involve moving walls, relocating plumbing fixtures, radiant floor heat, intricate tile patterns or other significant departures from a “basic” bathroom remodel. We will always review your specific schedule before beginning your bathroom remodel.

The first thing that needs to happen to make your bathroom remodel a resounding success is the selection of all the finishing products. Tile and accents, tub, vanity, toilet, medicine cabinet, faucets as well as accessories will all need to be chosen. This can be overwhelming to some people while others relish and enjoy this aspect of the remodel. As part of the Topnotch experience, we are here to make this critical aspect as easy and enjoyable as possible. For some, this will mean that we will help you shop for finish products. For others, all that will be required is reviewing your selections and making certain that everything will work within your space. Either way, Topnotch is here for you.

When the big day comes you can rest assured knowing that your project is properly planned, your home will be protected with the utmost care and consideration, skilled craftsmen and trades people will perform the work and your project will always be properly supervised. Here is a typical schedule for a simple 5x8 bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling - Long IslandDay 1: On startup day our crew will show up at your home ready to work. The first thing that will happen is your home will be protected. This will mean that floors outside of the work area will be covered, temporary plastic walls may be set up to isolate the area and any other necessary measures will be undertaken to protect your home. Our crew will gut your bathroom down to the studs once all protection is in place. All the debris will be taken away and disposed of properly. Once gutted, we will inspect the structure of your bathroom. A typical bathroom remodel needs some minor framing done to prepare for finishing. Day one ends with the bathroom gutted and ready to be put back together.

Day 2: The second day is all about the behind the scenes systems that are critical to a successful bathroom remodeling project. Plumbing pipes will be updated with new drain lines. The toilet supply and sink supply will be made ready for a shut off valve. The tub will be installed as well as the behind the wall portion of the shower control. Electric lines will be installed for a bathroom outlet. Switch and outlet boxes will be installed in their proper locations. Lighting will be roughed to its proper location and a bathroom exhaust vent will be installed and properly vented to the exterior of the home. Finally, the walls and ceiling will be insulated and air sealed as required. Insulation and air sealing is a critical part of this process and helps to prevent mold and mildew issues down the road.

Day 3: On the third day your bathroom really begins to look like it is going back together. On this day, cement backer board is installed inside the shower tub area. On the walls and ceiling, mold and moisture resistant sheetrock is installed. Corners and seams will be taped and spackled with the first critical coat.

Long Island Bathroom Remodel - ProtectionDay 4: Tile day has arrived! On this day our crew will perform the critical layout of your tile. Our professionals take the time to plan the installation ahead of time. Tile installation will begin once the tile is carefully laid out. At the end of this day, the wall and floor tile are installed and your bathroom is really starting to look like a dream.

Day 5: After tile installation your tile will be meticulously cleaned and grout will be installed. After grout, the fixtures and trim can be installed. Your toilet will be set, vanity and sink installed, the shower faucet and spouts will be installed as well as the medicine cabinet.

Day 6: The end of the remodel is almost here. Final touches will be undertaken, items not finished will be buttoned up. We will go over the project with you to make certain that all workmanship is up to your standards. On this day we will remove all temporary walls and floor coverings and turn your new bathroom over to you. How exciting!

Your schedule may differ from what we have described above. We will always review and adjust our schedule for your specific bathroom remodeling project.

The first step is to contact the experts at Topnotch Construction today.

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