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Multigenerational homesMultigenerational homes are also sometimes known as multi-gen or next-gen homes. They are designed to provide individual spaces for multiple generations of a family to live comfortably together. This living arrangement is increasingly popular because they’re practical, affordable, and allow for more quality time with family.

In multigenerational living, two adult generations live under the same roof. Often Parents will live with their adult children and in some cases, Grandparents may even be added to the mix. In a multigenerational home, each generation will benefit from having their own living quarters and privacy. Sometimes a multigenerational home will have separate laundry, kitchens and entrances and other times these can be shared. The goal when remodeling for multigenerational use is to utilize the available space and any desired additions in an efficient manner to provide the right mix of convenience, privacy and functionality.

Multigenerational homes offer extra space to accommodate whatever living arrangement meets your family’s changing needs. Common reasons to undertake a Mutigenerational remodel include

  • Aging parents can move in with their adult children.
  • Adult children may move back home for a bit – after college or after a divorce, for example.
  • There’s room to accommodate a live-in nanny or au pair.
  • Family members with special needs are within reach, making it easy to help them.
  • Relatives and friends can stay comfortably with you whether temporarily or for an extended time.

Benefits of Living in a Multigenerational Home

Multi-Generational homesThere are many benefits to multigenerational living but it can be stressful if your home doesn’t have the right spaces.

Multigenerational living as economical

Multigenerational living allows families to share expenses and responsibilities. Utility bills, mortgage payments etc. can be split if desired. Multigenerational homes can eliminate daycare and babysitting costs. No matter how your family elects to share the household’s expenses and responsibilities, multigenerational homes are typically more efficient.

Family Bonds

In a Multi-Gen home, families can spend quality time together, without traveling. Youngsters will make lifelong memories, learning their grandmother’s family recipes or playing catch in the backyard with their grandfather. Grandparents will cherish being able to watch grandchildren grow up. 

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

At Topnotch our goal is for your family to enjoy the benefits of multigenerational living without sacrificing personal space. Having family so close can be convenient, but without the right layout, it can create s stressful situation. Having an extra Suite will allow your family to enjoy quality time together, while also maintaining MultiGenerational Homesprivacy.


Multi-gen homes are an excellent alternative to assisted living for aging parents. You’ll sleep easy, knowing your parents are nearby, and your parents will enjoy spending quality time with family members. If a health emergency arise such as an older family member falling you will nearby to help the situation.

Our Multigenerational homes are designed to provide a convenient and stress-free living experience. Allowing generations of your family to live together under one roof can strengthen relationships, ease a family’s finances, make life easier and more enjoyable.

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