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Planning on Remodeling your Palm Beach area Bathroom?

Topnotch Remodeling is the right choice when selecting bathroom contractors. Are you apprehensive about remodeling your bathroom? Let us tell you why you shouldn't be.

What should you be looking for when selecting a bathroom contractor? Your bathroom is the most complicated room in the home, plumbing systems, Electrical systems,  waterproofing, décor and convenience all need to come together seamlessly to make your bathroom remodeling experience a success.Topnotch Remodeling- Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Careful planning is key when remodeling your bathroom.

Does your contractor listen to your concerns? Long before making the call to obtain an estimate, most homeowners do some research and have an idea what kind of bathroom style they are interested in. Pictures of bathrooms that are a similar design and style to what you are looking to achieve, or links to pictures of bathrooms that appeal to you are most helpful to us as a bathroom remodeling contractor. Understanding the look and “feel” of the bathroom that you are looking to achieve is extremely useful. Do you like Pinterest or Houzz? Both of these websites are great tools to help you find your ideal bathroom design. We love working with clients who know what they want as much as we enjoy helping our clients choose a design.

We are committed to making certain that your Palm Beach area bathroom remodeling project is a success.

It all begins with proper communication and a good relationship between you and your bathroom contractor. As you begin your bathroom remodeling project, one of the first steps most people take is contacting remodeling contractors to set up an appointment to look at the bathroom. From there, the contractors will provide you with an estimate. When we visit, we will ask you questions to learn what you are looking to achieve with your bathroom remodel. Once we know more about what your desires are and what your existing bathroom is like, we can provide you with a detailed and complete estimate.

What are the important considerations to address when remodeling your Palm Beach Bathroom?

Each and every Palm Beach bathroom is as different and unique as the family that uses it. In our experience the most successful bathroom remodeling projects take into consideration all of the important design considerations. Make certain that your bathroom remodeling contractor listens carefully to your needs and offers solutions that help to meet them. Below is a list of some of the considerations to think about when beginning the bathroom remodeling process:

Is your current bathroom layout acceptable? Does the bathroom need to be reconfigured?Palm Beach Bathroom Renovations - Topnotch Remodeling

► How will tile be utilized? Do you plan on tiling the floor in the shower? How about the walls of the Bathroom, halfway up all the walls or a feature wall of tile?

► Do you need more storage? Can cabinetry accomplish what you need or would a linen or bathroom closet be better?

► Is mold or mildew an issue currently? Did you know that mold and mildew are usually design and construction issues?

► Is the bathroom comfortable? Would it benefit from radiant floor heat to keep it warm and toasty?

► How is the lighting in the bathroom? Is it possible to bring in more natural light?

► Are you planning on dedicated areas in the bathroom to preparing makeup and hair?

► Which family members will be using the bathroom and do they have any special needs?

► Are there any special accessibility considerations to take into account? Will this bathroom ever be used by the elderly or someone with a handicap?

What makes for a successful Palm Beach Bathroom remodeling project?

Palm Beach Broward & Martin Bathroom Remodeling - Topnotch Remodeling
At Topnotch Remodeling we define a successful bathroom remodeling project by the following criteria:

► How well did we do meeting your expectations?

► Are you thrilled with the result?

► Were you pleased with the experience?

► Would you use us again?

► Will you recommend us to your friends and family?



We understand that you have many choices when hiring a contractor, Thank You for considering us for your bathroom remodeling project!


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What to expect when remodeling your bathroom

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